The Importance of Road Safety Laws and Regulations

Learn about the importance of road safety laws and regulations in ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Discover how these laws can help reduce accidents and fatalities on our roads, and how they are enforced through technology and law enforcement officials. Read more to understand the critical role that road safety laws play in promoting safe driving practices and creating a safer future for all road users.

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यातायात के प्रमुख घटक

1.    Engineering 2.    Education 3.    Enforcement 1. Engineering (निर्माण) जैसे - सड़क, सड़क पर बने चैराहा /तिराहा, टर्न ठीक हो, मार्ग विभाजक, वाहनों के लिए पार्किग स्थल आदि यातायात के…

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