1. Please press the START button at the beginning of every quiz.
  2. Please enter the details asked in the FORM .( Email is required to send the completion CERTIFICATE to you if you score 100% in the quiz)
  3. Choose the correct answer out of the given options by clicking on it .
  4. Then press NEXT button to go to the next question.
  5. The quizzes are divided in LEVELS & Every LEVEL has 5 questions each.
  6. So ,once you finish answering 5 questions , there will be SUBMIT button at the end of the quiz.
  7. Press the SUBMIT button to see the RESULT.
  8. If you score 100% then press the EXIT button to go to the next LEVEL /QUIZ.
  9. The person scoring 100% will receive the completion CERTIFICATE via email at the email address they mentioned in the form.
  10. If you score less than 100% , then press RESTART button and play th quiz again to score 100%.
  11. The person scoring less than 10% will also receive email with their result but not the CERTIFICATE.
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