Punishment for certain crimes on the road

This article discusses the punishments prescribed for various crimes committed on the road in India, including drunken driving, rash driving, speeding, red light jumping, driving without a license, causing death or grievous hurt due to negligent driving, and more.

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Places where Parking is prohibited

This article discusses the places where parking is prohibited to ensure road safety and traffic flow. It covers areas such as no parking zones, bus stops, fire hydrants, handicap zones, driveways and alleys, and yellow lines and no stopping zones. The article emphasizes the importance of following parking rules and regulations to avoid hefty fines, towing, or imprisonment.

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Right of way

This article discusses the concept of right of way on the road and the rules that govern it. It covers scenarios such as four-way stops, roundabouts, pedestrian crosswalks, and emergency vehicles. The article emphasizes the importance of understanding right of way rules to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.

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Rules for driving a Two-wheeler

This article discusses the important rules for driving a two-wheeler in India to ensure road safety. The article covers various aspects such as wearing a helmet, following traffic rules, maintaining the vehicle, using turn signals, keeping a safe distance, watching out for road hazards, avoiding distractions, staying alert, and never drinking and driving. Following these rules can help reduce the risk of accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.

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Signs , Signals & Roadway markings made for traffic operation

This detailed article explains the various traffic control devices, including signs, signals, and roadway markings, used for traffic operation and road safety. It covers the meaning of different signs, signals, and markings, and how they guide drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists on the road.

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The Main Reasons of Accidents & Ways to avoid Accidents

This detailed article provides valuable insights on the main reasons for accidents on the road and offers ways to prevent them. It covers various factors that contribute to accidents, including driver error, poor road conditions, and faulty vehicle parts. The article offers practical tips to avoid accidents and promote road safety.

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