All the means of movement in the world, signals have been made to make all the modes of movement smooth & safe and signal men have been deployed to follow the indicators such as in the airplane. Air traffic controller, signal man in the train vehicle. They have the responsibility to convey the driver in proper manner by giving proper and correct signs.

In the same way, traffic police has the responsibility as a signal man to make the road transport smooth and safe. A signal man of means of transport other than road transport specifically signals the driver of a vehicle. But the signal man (traffic police) of the vehicles traveling on the road does not signal to a single vehicle, it indicates the signal to stop or go, to the number of vehicles which are driven by engines or driven by manpower or is powered by animal power all at once. The driving of all vehicles is in the hands of different individuals. If the road transport do not follow the signals then the accident is more likely to happen.

Various types of signs have been made for smooth movement of road transport. But those signs can be divided mainly into 04 parts.

01. Road signs and road signs

02. Driver Signs

03. Traffic Controller Electrical Signs

04. Hand Sign of Traffic Police