Two-wheeler driving rules

01. Before driving a two-wheeler, make sure that you have a valid driving license.

02. Before driving the vehicle, check the air and all other components in the tires tomorrow.

03. Never ride three rides on a two-wheeler.

04. Two-wheeler driver and co-passenger wear the best type of helmet.

05. While walking on the road, walk as far as possible to the left.

06. Use the service road while walking on the four lanes. If there is no service road, then walk inside the main line along the parking line. Do not drive on a four-wheeler lane.

07. Move safely away from the next vehicle on the road.

08. Do not use mobile phones while driving a two-wheeler.

09. Do not drive minor, two-wheelers.

10. Do not brake suddenly. Attach the front and rear brakes together and do not use the culch while applying the brakes.