Rules for driving a four-wheel vehicle

01. Before driving a four wheeler, make sure that all the components, lights, indicators etc. of your vehicle are working properly, only then keep the necessary documents of the vehicle along with license, insurance, registration, PUC, etc.

02. The driver and the seat in the front seat must tie the riding seat belt.

03. Walk on your own lane.

04. Do not use mobile phones while driving.

05. Do not sit in the front seat of a child under 12 years of age.

06. Do not let minors drive vehicles.

07. Keep safely away from the next vehicle.

08. Show signs as necessary when turning, moving left, left, slowing or stopping.

09. While traveling, no kind of vehicle is coming from the shank and if you are safe,

then do not overflow otherwise.

10. Always give way for ambulance, fire engine, police vehicle to go ahead.