Major components of traffic management

Major components of traffic management

1. Engineering

2. Education

3. Enforcement

1. Engineering (construction) such as – Roads, road crossings, turns, road dividers, parking space for vehicles etc. are made according to the norms only then the traffic will run smooth and safe. National Highway Development Authority, Public Works Department, Municipal Corporation-Municipality, Local Development Authority etc. are responsible departments for construction work.

2. Education (Education) If the road user is aware of the traffic rules, then he can make smooth movement even in odd conditions. Therefore, by introducing traffic related courses in school college level, new generation people can be given information related to traffic rules and construction units can be given information related to traffic rules through banner-posters and by putting indicator boards on the road as required. In addition, the program should be conducted by the Transport Department and the Traffic Police Department to make people aware of following traffic rules.

3. Enforcement  (Proceedings) If any driver on the road violates the traffic rules despite knowing the traffic rules, then strict legal action must be taken against the driver to ensure smooth and safe traffic. It is the responsibility of the Transport Department, Police Department.

If arrangements are made as per above and all the units should do their work responsibly, then the traffic will be smooth and safe.