Places where Parking is prohibited

Parking is a convenient way to leave your vehicle for a short period while running errands, attending appointments, or shopping. However, there are specific places where parking is prohibited for safety or traffic flow reasons. Violating these rules can result in hefty fines, towing of the vehicle, or even imprisonment in severe cases. In this article, we will explore the places where parking is prohibited.

  1. No Parking Zones No parking zones are designated areas where parking is strictly prohibited. These areas can be identified by the presence of “No Parking” signs, yellow markings, or both. No parking zones are usually found near traffic signals, intersections, emergency service areas, pedestrian crossings, and hospitals. Parking in these areas can lead to traffic congestion, obstruction of emergency vehicles, and accidents.
  2. Bus Stops Parking at bus stops is prohibited to ensure smooth movement of public transport vehicles. Bus stops are designated areas where buses pick up and drop off passengers. Parking at bus stops can delay buses, inconvenience passengers, and cause traffic congestion.
  3. Fire Hydrants Fire hydrants are essential for firefighters to access water during emergencies. Parking near or in front of fire hydrants can hinder their access and delay their response time. Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant is considered a violation, and the vehicle can be towed or fined.
  4. Handicap Zones Handicap zones are reserved parking areas for people with disabilities. Parking in these areas is strictly prohibited for anyone without a valid disability parking permit. Handicap zones are usually found near entrances to public buildings, hospitals, and shopping malls.
  5. Driveways and Alleys Parking in front of driveways or alleys can block the entrance and exit of vehicles, hindering access to homes or businesses. It is essential to keep driveways and alleys clear to allow easy movement of vehicles.
  6. Yellow Lines and No Stopping Zones Yellow lines and no stopping zones are designated areas where vehicles are not allowed to stop or park at any time. These areas can be found near school zones, construction sites, and other high traffic areas. Parking in these areas can lead to traffic congestion and accidents.

In addition to the above mentioned places, Parking is prohibited in such places where:

01. A road intersection bend, over or near a bridge that rises to the top of a hill

02. On foot and sidewalk (Putpath)

03. Near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing

04. On the main road or on any road on which traffic moves at high speed.

05. In front of other standing vehicles or as a barrier to other vehicles.

06. Next to other standing vehicle.

07. There is a continuous white line on a road with or without a segmented line at such places of roads.

08. Near the entrance to the bus station, school or hospital or at a place where traffic signs or campuses or bumbo obstruct.

09. On the wrong side of the road

10. Prohibition of standing.

In conclusion, parking in prohibited areas can lead to hefty fines, towing of the vehicle, or even imprisonment in severe cases. It is essential to follow the rules and regulations regarding parking to ensure road safety and avoid inconvenience to other road users. Remember, parking in designated areas is not only safe but also ensures smooth flow of traffic and accessibility to emergency services.