Components of road accident:

01. Road: – To facilitate and secure the traffic, it is necessary that a road with convenience for traffic remains. Traffic can be safe and accessible only if flyovers, traffic signals, traffic sign-boards, road dividers etc. are made at road crossing sites. If the road is bumpy and has no road divider, parking lot etc. then there will be difficulty in smooth movement and chances of accidents will remain.

02. Vehicle: – All the parts of the road moving vehicle such as brake, gear, steering, light, clutch, rear view mirror, etc., will be safe only if there is safe movement. If there is any shortage, then the driver will have difficulty in controlling the vehicle under adverse conditions and there will be a possibility of accident.

03. Driver :-  If the driver of a vehicle operating on the road is fully trained in relation to driving and traffic rules, he is aware of the road, does not have any kind of mental stress or does not take drugs. . So he can travel smoothly. This is a component which can solve the shortcomings / errors of both the above components with his/her  knowledge and training.

Know the main reason for the accident, avoid doing this –

01. Uncontrolled Speed ​​- The uncontrolled speed of the vehicle invites accident. Control the speed while driving, which means that you keep the speed of the vehicle as it is under your control.

02. Chasing – Continuing to chase any vehicle can also cause an accident. There is not much space left in the chase. The driver in front may have a sudden stop on applying the brakes and the higher the speed of the vehicle, the more space is required to stop it, so do not forget to follow the vehicle. Keep a distance away from the vehicle in front.

03. Do not take unsafe overflow – Do not take the overflowing at dangerous places such as dangerous turns, mountain roads, road confluence sites, crowded roads. While taking out the roads, give clear signal, no vehicle is coming from the front only then do the over take.

04. Ignoring Traffic Signs – Non-adherence to traffic rules and guidelines at traffic configurations while driving vehicles may cause accidents.

05. Driving in a drunk state – If the driver is in a drunk state then the vehicle is unable to control, so never drive a vehicle after consuming drugs.

06. Exhaustion – An excessive time can cause an accident even when driving continuously without resting.

07. Due to not having all the parts of the vehicle properly – all the parts of the vehicle like – gear, brake, light, indicator, rear beau mirror, low air in the tire, etc. are also caused due to accident.

08. Diverting the attention of the driver – The driver’s attention is due to accident due to being on the other side instead of driving the vehicle.

09. Performing other tasks with the driver – such as talking to mobiles, smoking cigarettes, drinking water etc., or doing other tasks also cause accidents due to driving a vehicle.

10. Prohibition on parking of vehicles in places – In such places where the vehicle is restricted for parking or there is inconvenience to the other driver due to park the vehicle, then there is a possibility of accident.

11. Weather: – Due to fog, rain, pollution etc., there is a possibility of accident due to lack of accessible view to the driver. Therefore, in such a situation the vehicle should run at a slow speed.