Rules for Bus and other public vehicles

When using public transportation, it is important to follow the rules and regulations to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. Here are some general rules to keep in mind when using buses and other public vehicles:

  1. Follow instructions from the driver or conductor: The driver or conductor is responsible for the safety of all passengers on the vehicle. Listen to their instructions and follow them promptly.
  2. Board and exit the vehicle in an orderly manner: When boarding the vehicle, allow passengers who are exiting to do so first. Once on board, move towards the back of the vehicle to make room for other passengers. When it is time to exit, use the designated exits and do so in an orderly manner.
  3. Keep the vehicle clean: Avoid littering or leaving any trash behind. Use the trash cans provided on the vehicle or hold onto your trash until you can properly dispose of it.
  4. Give up your seat to those in need: Priority seating is often designated for elderly passengers, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities. If you are able-bodied and occupying one of these seats, be willing to give it up for someone in need.
  5. Keep noise levels down: Be mindful of other passengers and keep noise levels to a minimum. Avoid playing loud music or talking loudly on your phone.
  6. Pay the correct fare: Make sure you have the correct fare or ticket for your journey. If you are unsure, ask the driver or conductor.
  7. Keep personal belongings with you: Keep your personal belongings with you at all times and avoid blocking the aisles with large bags or luggage.
  8. Follow any COVID-19 guidelines: In light of the ongoing pandemic, many public transportation systems have implemented guidelines to keep passengers safe. These guidelines may include wearing a mask or maintaining social distancing. Make sure you are aware of any guidelines that apply to your journey and follow them accordingly.

     School bus and other vehicles transporting students

In view of the prevailing situation on the road, the drivers of students transporting students should be more careful.

01. Drivers who transport school students should always keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

02. While unloading students / students, keep the vehicle on the side of the road so that no vehicle can go from the left direction and take off and take off in front of the child’s attendant.

03. Children do not know the dangers, so the buses must have a safety net.

04. Keep the speed of buses slow and keep the kids bouncing and jumping.

05. Female attendants must be present in the vehicles transporting the girl students.

06. School administration should note that the child who climbs first and ends is not a student.

07. Check the school vehicles regularly to ensure that all legal and safety rules are being followed properly.

08. If a school bus driver does not follow the traffic rules, please inform the school management or traffic police about this.

By following these general rules and being considerate of other passengers, you can help make public transportation a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.