Rules of the road have been made for motor vehicle drivers under the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Which is mandatory for the driver to follow.

Road Regulation Regulations – 1989

01. Short title and commencement – (1) This regulation is abbreviated as Road Regulation Regulations 1989.

02. Staying left – The driver of a motor vehicle will drive the vehicle on the left side of the road as close as possible and allow all traffic coming from its front direction from its right side.

03. Turning right – a motor vehicle driver

(A) When turning to the left of the road on which he is turning, the left side of the road on which he is entering, will stay on the left side.

(B) On turning to the right, the road on which he is traveling will run as much as possible and reach the left side of the road on which he is entering.

04. Moving from the right – Except as provided in Regulation 4, the driver of a motor vehicle shall proceed through the right side of all traffic moving in that direction.

05. Moving to the left – The driver of a motor vehicle will be able to pass through the right side of such a vehicle in which the driver has indicated the intention of turning to the right, that vehicle has come in the middle of the road and the team carriage or fixed track. But any other vehicle moving on it is going in the same direction from which it is coming or otherwise it can go ahead from both the sides.

But in any case, the tram will not pass ahead of the car at such a time or in such a manner that it is possible to cause inconvenience or danger to the other people using the road, including those who descend and enter the tram.

06. Prohibition of overtaking in certain cases – The driver of a motor vehicle will not proceed from any vehicle which is going in the direction in which it is going, in the following conditions.

(A) If in any case, there is a possibility of inconvenience or danger to other traffic by increasing its overtaking.

(B) If it is near any such place, or shore or any hill or any other such obstruction, from which the road ahead is not clearly visible.

(C) If he knows that the driver following him has started to overtake him.

(D) If the driver ahead of him has not indicated that he can overtake.

07. Do not obstruct the overtaking – the driver of a motor vehicle shall not accelerate or in any manner do such work at a time when the other vehicle is moving or overtaking it to overtake it. Prevent any other vehicle from overtaking it.

08. Caution at the location of roads – the driver of a motor vehicle when it is approaching a place where one road crosses another road or where several roads are found or where there is a pedestrian crossing, or where the road It has the edge, will slow down the speed of the vehicle and will not enter the site until it comes to know that it can do so without endangering the safety of the people there.