Road safety & Traffic rules quiz (Class 5 to 8) – FINAL LEVEL

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Is it a good practice to give hand signal as well while turning?

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The major cause of the accidents is ……………………

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While crossing the road:

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Whom do we call to carry the person injured in an accident?

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Every year, first week of ………………. is celebrated as Road Safety Week

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You must obey sign giving orders. These signs are mostly in

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A set of lines painted on the road for safe crossing is called ?

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how many types of road signs are there ?

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While riding a bicycle we should always keep to

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If someone gets injured, which one of the following persons must be called?

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You are most likely to lose concentration while driving if you

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In emergency, you shall call  which number for ambulance service in India?

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Who is a pedestrian ?

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In which of these places must you not park or wait?

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Which one of these represents safety rules being followed while travelling in a school bus?

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A Red traffic light means

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Your mobile phone rings while you are travelling . You should

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When being followed by an ambulance showing a flashing Beacon you should

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Pedestrians are waiting to cross at a zebra crossing. They are standing on the pavement. You should normally

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After getting down from the school bus , we shall never cross the road

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