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To cross at an intersection, why do you need to look in all four directions?

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If there is no footpath, we should walk on the side of the street facing traffic to see the traffic and be safe.

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Where is it safe to cross the street while walking?

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You are at a pedestrian crossing and before you step on the road, the walk signal changes from WALKING MAN to FLASHING HAND. You should:

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What DANGER SIGNS you must look out for when walking in a car park or near parked vehicles?

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You need to cross a street and there’s no corner nearby. There are cars parked on the street. What should you do to cross between parked cars safely?

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Is it safe to start walking the minute the traffic signal changes to GREEN WALKING MAN?

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What should you wear to stay safe & be seen by traffic when you go for a walk during the day?

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Talking with friends while walking can sometimes make it hard to pay attention to traffic.

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It’s not safe to listen to music using ear/headphones while walking.

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What should one always do before crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing?

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We shouldn’t push and shove when walking with others.

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Which path out of these is safer for walking.

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Never cross the road in front of or behind any PARKED VEHICLE with the engine running.

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Why must pedestrians walk facing traffic when there’s no footpath or sidewalk?

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