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Wearing a brightly coloured cycle helmet will make you more visible as well as protect your head in an accident.

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You must STOP and LOOK for traffic before leaving the driveway and entering the street on your cycle.

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You must not use your phone while riding bike/cycle.

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We must not ride cycle in the space between the vehicle and the kerb.

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Before riding your cycle, you must check:

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We must always keep both hands on the handle bars unless we are giving a signal or changing gears.

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Wearing HELMET is important while riding cycle because

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While riding bicycle, how will you signal that you are going to turn or move RIGHT?

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You must make sure that your helmet fits correctly before riding.

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While riding bicycle, how will you signal that you are going to STOP?

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You must use hand signals while riding bicycle.

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You need to wear HELMET only when you are riding the cycle somewhere bumpy where you think you might crash.

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Your HELMET should always be buckled.

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There’s a road that is sometimes really busy. If you don’t feel comfortable crossing it on your bicycle, what can you do?

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When you’re riding a cycle, you must ride in a straight line.

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