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It’s fine to hold on to a moving vehicle or trailer.

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To cross at an intersection, why do you need to look in all four directions?

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We must Keep our hands away from the door handles while the car is moving.

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You must not use your phone while riding bike/cycle.

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We must not ride cycle in the space between the vehicle and the kerb.

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Why shouldn’t you cross near large vehicles?

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You must make sure that your helmet fits correctly before riding.

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You need to wear HELMET only when you are riding the cycle somewhere bumpy where you think you might crash.

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What DANGER SIGNS you must look out for when walking in a car park or near parked vehicles?

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When it is safe to cross the road, what should you do?

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You must STOP and LOOK for traffic before leaving the driveway and entering the street on your cycle.

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We shouldn’t push and shove when walking with others.

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Is it fine to throw or hang anything out of the window?

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If your HELMET is dropped or involved in a crash, you must:

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While riding cycle, you should never

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While riding a cycle, you must stay focused and pay attention to what’s around you.

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When you reach your destination, you should

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When you travel by bus, you get more time to:

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You should avoid riding cycle at night as it can be dangerous.

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When you’re riding a bicycle on the road, you need to look for road signs and traffic signals.

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