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If your helmet is dropped or involved in a crash, you must:

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It is safer for children to get in and out on the footpath or pavement side of the car.

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Which one out of these causes air pollution?

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What should one always do before crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing?

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For the seat belt to work properly and to be worn correctly, you must:

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You are at a pedestrian crossing, and before you step on the road, the walk signal changes from WALKING MAN to FLASHING HAND. You should:

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Is it fine to block the driver’s view in the mirror?

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You should always get off the bus, being respectful to other passengers without pushing.

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You need to cross a street, and there’s no corner nearby. There are cars parked on the street. What should you do to cross between parked cars safely?

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When you’re riding a bicycle on the road, you have to follow the same rules as drivers do.

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While riding a bicycle, how will you signal that you are going to turn or move left?

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If you are asked by your parents to walk home from school with your younger sister (6 years old), How will you keep her safe while walking?

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Which one out of these can reduce traffic on the road and pollution in our area?

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Before crossing the road, you must wait on the footpath (or side of the road) and allow the bus to move away.

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If there is no footpath, we should walk on the side of the street facing traffic to see the traffic and be safe.

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Where should a person stand while waiting to cross the road?

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It’s not safe to listen to music using earphones or headphones while walking.

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You must make sure that your helmet fits correctly before riding.

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You must wear a helmet when riding a bike or bicycle.

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Walking and cycling are good for our health and the environment.

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