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At night, if there is no pedestrian crossing near you, you should always try to cross under a street light to be safe.

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You should avoid riding cycle at night as it can be dangerous.

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Is it safe to walk on the Kerb or edge of the footpath or sidewalk?

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You should always walk on the footpath or sidewalk, if there is one. When there’s no footpath, where should you walk?

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Before attempting to cross the road after getting down from the bus, you must make sure

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Where should a person stand while waiting to cross the road?

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The seat belt should be worn

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What do we call the places where cars drive?

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Who could help you walk safely?

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Who should be with you to help you be safe when you ride your bicycle?

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What DANGER SIGNS you must look out for when walking in a car park or near parked vehicles?

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You are at an intersection. Before you cross the street, what should you do?

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Is it fine to throw or hang anything out of the window of a vehicle?

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Wearing helmet is important while riding cycle because

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You should always hold the hand of an adult while crossing the road.

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