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You want to walk to a friend’s house. Whom should you walk with?

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If there’s no Pedestrian crossing, which of these would be the safest place to cross the street?

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You need to wear HELMET only when you are riding the cycle somewhere bumpy where you think you might crash.

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You should always walk on the footpath/sidewalk, if there is one. When there’s no footpath, where should you walk?

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We must always wear seat belt when travelling by car.

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We must not get out of the car until it stops completely and it is safe to come out.

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What should you wear to stay safe & be seen by traffic when you go for a walk during the day?

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You should always hold hand of an adult while crossing the road?

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At night, if there is no pedestrian crossing near you, you should always try to cross under a street light to be safe?

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Are vehicles allowed to drive on the Footpaths/Sidewalks?

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You should always get off the bus being respectful to other passengers without pushing.

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You must practice riding skills in an empty parking lot or a place with no traffic.

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After exiting the bus, you should NEVER

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If you have to ride your cycle at night, You must

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You should wear bright clothes like yellow or orange when you ride a cycle because

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