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What does this sign mean?

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Your mobile phone rings while you are travelling. You should

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When you are sure that it is not safe to reverse your vehicle, you should

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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You can park a vehicle in such a way that it obstructs another vehicle if, only

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What is meant by ‘defensive driving’?

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When you are moving off from behind a parked car, you should

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To help concentration on long journeys, you should stop frequently and

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Properly adjusted head restraint will

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What does this sign mean?

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You should not overtake when

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What does this sign mean?

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Which of the following should be done continuously while driving a vehicle?

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What does this sign mean?

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When leaving your vehicle, where should you park, if possible?

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You start to feel tired while driving. What should you do?

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When being followed by an ambulance showing a flashing beacon, you should

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While driving, avoid

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Your overall stopping distance will be much longer when driving

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this sign mean?

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We are meeting at 4:00 p.m. once a week; it is a 20 minute drive from our house or office. We should

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When parking and leaving your vehicle, you should

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Objects hanging from your interior mirror may

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