Any citizen of the country, irrespective of his age, if he uses the road, he should not only know the traffic rules but also follow the rules so that other road users can travel with him in a smooth, easy and safe manner. Since on the road, in addition to various types of vehicles, there is also movement on foot, to make the traffic smooth and safe, a series of traffic rules have been made so that it can travel smoothly without any collision and inconvenience.

The city of Raipur has developed in every aspect  in the last few years. Traffic problem in Raipur city is increasing day by day. With whom the traffic police is dealing with complete dexterity and efficiency and is making every effort to make the traffic system safe and smooth. The success of the effort of Raipur Traffic Police depends on the cooperation of the road user. Roads and parking lots available for traffic in Raipur city have not developed according to the number of vehicles. In order to keep the traffic smooth, safe and uninterrupted at a constant speed, it is very important for the road user to be aware of the traffic rules and observant.

If there is no good harmony between man and machine, the result is sad. A good driver is the one who can operate the vehicle in a smooth and safe manner on adverse situation or even on the fault of another driver. There are many mechanical measures for traffic handling and legal provisions for control. But this mechanical measure and legal provision may not be as effective unless the users of the road are fully aware of the traffic rules.

Through this booklet, it is the effort of Traffic Police Raipur that the public should understand their invaluable cooperation in order to keep the city traffic smooth and safe and this effort of Traffic Police Raipur, by playing a spontaneous participation towards making the traffic smooth and safe. Provide support to make it meaningful.

Let us all together make the traffic system of the capital Raipur easy and secure.


                                                                                                                     Traffic police