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To avoid backover incidents, as a parent you must:

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To keep your child safe and to prevent accidents while walking, you should:

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You should always seat your child in front of an air bag, as that will save him/her in an event of a crash.

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It is not safe for children to play with power window switches.

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You can save your child from becoming entrapped in a vehicle’s trunk by…

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Large cars take more time to heat up as compare to small cars.

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Which of the following causes the most deaths among children in and around cars?

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It is safest for children to sit in the back seat.

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Overheated cars can cause children to suffer:

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You should always drop off and pick up children on the same side of the road as the school bus.

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While using child car seat, you must make sure that it is:

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To avoid backover incidents, you should move back your vehicle very slowly.

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To make sure your child can’t get out when the car is moving or standing still, you should:

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Underage kids should be allowed to drive when…

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Opening windows can prevent heatstroke.

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Children have greater sensitivity to heatstroke than adults.

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When travelling in the car, you must ensure:

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In which of the following events can a child get entrapped in a car’s trunk?

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When travelling in hot conditions, you should:

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To avoid backover incidents, before moving back the vehicle you should:

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